LIFE ON US - Latest Soundtrack.

I had a blast writing the music for this series and am so proud of the outcome. If you missed it on SBS it's now available on iTunes and Google Play.

I'll post some demo examples on the site shortly.

In the meantime head over to the 'Life On Us' Facebook Page

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There is an unexplored planet in the solar system. A strange world of bizarre creatures locked in a fight for survival. This unknown world is the human body.

Inside and out, it’s teeming with a trillion cells that all come together to make humans who they are. These cells determine a person’s health, life expectancy and even behaviour. Each person is born 100% human, but will die 90% microbial. Between these bookends of a person’s life is a vista of an unexplored world. In a two-part documentary series, packed with a roller coaster of emotions, drama, awe, surprise and cutting edge imagery, Life On Us reveals the wildlife that inhabit human beings from cradle to grave, delivering a high impact viewing experience, that challenges the very notion of humanity. 


   DRAGON - Trilogy Tour Live

   THE YOUNG YEARS – 1970's

   THE GLORY YEARS – 1980's

   THE PHOENIX YEARS -- 1990's to today


Unlike many bands, there are three distinct ages that define the evolution of iconic rock band Dragon. The eras represent the rites of passage that have made the band and its music what it is today, carving out a special place in the popular music history of Australia and New Zealand. Now, for the first time, Dragon is hitting the road to celebrate these three ages with their special Dragon – The Trilogy Concert tour, which will see them performing in metro and regional centres over a few months in early 2014.

The three key eras in Dragon's four decade history have been dubbed the Young Years (1973 – 1979), theGlory Years (1982 – 1998) and the Phoenix Years (from 2006 on). The current line-up of the band features Todd Hunter, Mark Williams, Pete Drummond and Bruce Reid.

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